has been created with the purpose of providing to Fish Keeping lovers all the information they need to take better care of their fish.FishTankWorld Team

At FTW we have one goal and one only:
“Help you take care of your Aquarium with easy to follow, actionable information for the ease of your mind and the joy of your fish!”

FTW mission is to become one of the most authoritative sources dedicated “fish care” and “aquarists care”.

An Aquarium is a stand alone echo-system that totally depends on you!
Having a fabulous, colourful, lively Aquarium community is your goal.
Helping you with that is our commitment!

We believe that fish keeping and having an aquarium is one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies. More than that we also strongly believe that starting and keeping an aquarium has tons of positive effects in your life.

Check out this article if you want to know more on the benefits of keeping an Aquarium.

what we do

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    Provide easy to follow, actionable advice

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    Share what we have learnt until now and what we will keep learning day after day while taking care of our fishes and tanks

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    Write keeping in mind the real every day people, who love Aquariums but are also busy with their lives

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    Use scientific evidence to back up our work

what we do not do

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    Tell you to something we don’t think will work

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    Make you buy expensive and not necessary products

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    Give good reviews of product of companies that pay us to do so.


To help you find what you need quickly, we have created the three main categories:

Articles & Guides

Here you can find the up to date articles on common fish keeping topics and learn with our guides.

Fish Tanks

Whatever Aquarium you plan to set up, the fish tank is the foundation. Get inspired here with articles and reviews focusing on the Fish Tank


Once the Fish Tank is in place, you require the right equipment to assure the water and the fish are at best. Choosing the right Equipment is a critical decision.

So let’s dive in and HAVE FUN!

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