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At Fish Tank World our goal is to help you become a more knowledgeable aquarist by providing actionable, easy-to-follow, and informational articles about fish and aquariums.

An aquarium is an artificial stand-alone echo-system. If having a fabulous, colorful, and lively aquarium is your goal we are here to help!

Fish keeping and maintaining an aquarium is one of the most exciting and rewarding hobbies that you can pursue. In addition, fish keeping can provide a number of health-related benefits to your life. Check out our article here for more information about the specific benefits of keeping a fish tank.


To help you quickly find the information you're looking for, we have broken the website down into a number of different categories which are listed below:

Articles & Guides

Here you can find the up-to-date articles on common fish keeping topics and how-to guides.

Fish Tanks

No matter what type of Aquarium you are planning to set up, the fish tank is the foundation. Get inspired here with informational articles, comparisons, and reviews.

Aquarium Filters

Keeping your fish tank's water clean is important for the health of your fish and aquarium. The filter is one of the most important pieces in helping to keep your fish tank clean. Learn more here.

Aquarium Fish & Invertebrates

Learn about the various types of fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates that you can stock in your aquarium to provide hours of entertainment and fun.


Informational, product comparisons, and product reviews of the various equipment you should consider for your fish tank. This includes things like feeders, lighting, heating, water testing, and other related equipment.

what we do

  • Provide informational, easy-to-follow, and actionable advice

  • Share what we have learned through years of experience

  • Write for everyday people who love aquariums but also have busy lives

  • Use scientific-based evidence to support our work

what we do not do

  • Recommend things that we don’t think will work

  • Recommend expensive and/or unnecessary products

  • Recommend or give paid reviews of products

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