Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for showing interest in contributing to Fish Tank World with a Guest Post.

Our Guest Post guidelines are as follows:

Accepted Topics:
We accept guest posts on topics related to fish keeping, aquariums, and other related topics for our audience. This includes how-to guides, product comparisons, etc.

The content MUST be interesting, unique, and original. No rehashed content or common knowledge information. Bottom line, the post should provide value to our audience.

Word count:
The word count must be in 1,500 to 3,500 words. Again, we are looking for in-depth high-quality content, which usually means something within this range.

Outbound Links:
You may add 1 link to your blog or website as long as it is relevant to the topic discussed. You should also include at least 3-5 links to external resources relevant with the topic. These links should be meant to provide additional information and / or support statements by referring to authoritative resources. We reserve the right to reject or request changes to links and/or anchor text. All links should open in a new page.

Internal Links:
Please take the time to check out Fish Tank World and add internal links to our existing web pages. All links should open in a new page.

Affiliate Links:
We may add OUR affiliate links to the article. However, please do not add your affiliate links

If your article is accepted, you agree to grant an exclusive perpetual copyright to the article. You also agree not to publish or guest post the article anywhere else.

Please provide the article in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc via email. The article should include H1, H2, and H3 headings and subheadings.

We will include the images. Please do not include images unless it is your own image and you agree to provide with a perpetual license for the image.

Please submit the article via email.

Revision and publication:
We will review and provide feedback as soon as possible upon article submission – either providing suggestions for improvement or with rejection. From the moment in which the article is finalized and accepted, it will be published within 5 to 10 business days. We may edit your writing for clarity, grammar, style. etc.

For submission and queries, please contact us at info-at-fishtankworld-dot-com.

Thanks again for showing interest in contributing to Fish Tank World and we look forward to working with you.